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Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. (established in 1887 as Old Line Bankers Life Insurance Company of Nebraska) is a mutual insurance company. It is owned by Ameritas Mutual Holding Company, headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. The company includes Ameritas Mutual Holding Company (AMHC) and Ameritas Holding Company (AHC), as well as Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York.


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Group Admin (Former Employee) says

"The job was horrible, I felt some people got away with murder around that place. Management had no clue what they were doing and you felt like you knew more then themFirst, thank you for taking time to give this input. We’re always looking for ways to make Ameritas a better place to work, starting with feedback, good and bad. It sounds like you didn’t have a rewarding experience and of course we’re sorry to hear that. We encourage employees to reach out to HR or a manager if they’re not loving what they do. When possible, we try to find them a role that’s a better fit. We know you’ve already moved on, but wish you luck in your next job."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"They start put making it seem like an amazing company but the longer you stay you see that they pick their favorites and will fire you for hearsay instead of actually giving you a chance to defend yourself. The team leaders speak horribly about their staff. If you aren't "teachers pet" you are basically non existent. Even if you show up and do your job every day they don't care and will throw you out with the trash.We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback. Frankly, this doesn’t sound like the company we know, but we certainly don’t want any employee to feel the way you do. Ameritas promotes personal growth, teamwork and an open door policy. We train managers to encourage success and acknowledge good work. We are focused on continuous improvement, so please share your experiences with your department’s HR business partner. Thanks again"

Provider Benefits Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Racism everywhere, no diversity. The manager let the team leaders runs the show and do whatever they want. Team leaders don’t respond to any emails or instant messages. Manager don’t even replies to any emails that was sent since I been working there. If you want time off you better submit it 2-3 months ahead, or else you will be written up for using unscheduled PTO. Team leaders and manager does not follow company’s policy and write you up whenever they feel like it; for example: sick/doctor, court, and funeral. HR will tell you when you first hire that their is a set PTO earning per pay check, but once you are out of training, they let the team leaders decide how much PTO you earn. Bonus system is a joke, don’t expect it, you will be disappointed. You will get doc for using the restroom outside your 10 mins twice a day break. Technology is so badly outdated that it interferes with your job duties. Schedules are on a bidding system and seniority rules, so most likely you will never get the schedule you truly want, even though they say it’s based off of your performance. Career advancement doesn’t even exist if you are a color person.NoneManagement, pay, benefits, work environmentWe appreciate you taking the time to provide a review. We hope you’ll let your HR business partner know about some of these issues you’ve experienced. Positive, responsive communication from supervisors is something we work hard to foster, and we want to know when it’s not happening. We also want to know whenever an employee feels our policies aren’t being followed or enforced. We are fully committed to promoting and growing well-being, community, a respectful workplace, equal opportunity and diversity. Please work with HR. They can help and address your concerns."

None (Current Employee) says

"Everything was great at first but the management is horrible and Human Resources just backs them up. I would never recommend anybody working here. It's like a poison apple. It looks good and taste good at first."


"From the top, starting with the President of Group Division at Ameritas, down to the Team Leaders over the Admin Team, the management is very poorly structured, very poorly educated, conducts their teams in very poor fashion."

Benefits Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I did not enjoy this position from day one after training. I did not expect the ratio of being on the phone and being able to work on other activities to be the way that it was. I did not enjoy having to work overtime for 6 months straight the last months that I had worked there. No Life, only work makes one unhappy.PtoToo constant"

Administration relations (Former Employee) says

"These people get money to train employees and then cut several people so they can pocket the money. I was there for a week and a half through a temp aGymCrabby trainers"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Very poor work environment, epitome of micromanagement and NO autonomy. In my entire working career, I have never been treated so poorly as I was treated by manager at Ameritas."

Claims Examiner (Former Employee) says

"They lie at the beginning to get you to work there by saying they will work around your personal life if you need a day off for a wedding or the like. Total lie if something comes up they won't help at all and penalize you for it instead of trying to help you with it even if it's months in advance like a wedding. Sr HR manager also lies directly to you about believing in hiring from within as was passed over multiple times for advancement and was to do a job shadow but when they cancelled it on me after I had travelled to the home office I never heard from them again. Horrible place to work as they expect you to do so much for the little amount they pay you.NoneHr staff, management, force overtime on days off"

Accounting Assistant II - Accounts Payable (Former Employee) says

"I guess I could never recommend anyone working their, unless you like to be over worked and unappreciated! It seems like the culture was people with the stronger work ethics got basically beat with a bat! You were expected to work harder and do more than others that were considered equals. You do more, more mistakes happen, the management didn't see that and when you would try to bring it to their attention it was turned around to make you look bad. The people that basically did nothing all day were, well, perfect! Management would cause scenes and make big deals about nothing! They brought their personal lives to work and you'd have to see how your boss was first thing in the morning to know how your day was going to be. It was basically a living nightmare! It was harder to move out of a dept and was easier to just leave the place and be more appreciated elsewhere! I didn't get paid enough to do everyone's job and pick up people's slack!Over priced food servedPretty much everything!"

Customer service rep (Former Employee) says

"To much time wasted doing meetings, performance review, team building. Micro management, too many management layers. Inadequate training. Deceitful practices."

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Management will bury you alive for having an opinion or being in anyway innovative. If you want a puppet master, this is your place. There is a long time history of the senior leaders here who promote their yes people. Be smart but let them take the credit or run the risk of the wrath that comes from asking questions.Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. Your comments don’t sound like our Ameritas, but each person’s experience and perceptions are unique, and we’re sorry you left with such negative impressions. It’s ironic, because innovation and change have become watchwords for growth and success at Ameritas – we urge employees to think outside the box, so it’s sad that message wasn’t reaching you. We never want an employee to feel the way you did, which is why we’re very intentional about building a great place to work. We wish you success with your next job and hope you enjoy it more"

Administrative Data Entry Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend. The bosses insist they are right even when wrong, management should be able to admit when they are wrong. You will not have a voice here. You will be a number and treated that way.PtoOther employeesThank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. It sounds like you felt you weren’t being heard and we’re sorry about that. We want people to enjoy what they do and feel their ideas and opinions matter. We work hard to create a work environment that’s very different from the one you describe, but we also encourage employees to speak with HR if they feel limited or frustrated. We hope you have found a job that feels like a better fit. Best of luck with your future endeavors!"

admin (Current Employee) says

"Since when did it become acceptable for HR or any dept to respond and debate a former or current employees' opinion, review and experience at a company?? Why has someone been given the task of responding to each and every review with their own spin or explanation(s)?! Job seekers depend on these reviews when considering the type of employer they want to work for/with and I, personally, depend on them being as honest and forthright as possible. Having someone from the company being reviewed come behind them with passive aggressive responses when no one requested their input is borderline threatening to anyone who leaves a review that doesn't make the company look good. My experiences are mine and what I've witnessed at a workplace is MY version of events to tell. It is extremely arrogant for ameritas to feel the need to contradict a bad review and enthusiastically thank the ones who left good ones. On one response, ameritas had the audacity to explain why the reviewer felt the way he/she did and used their working from home to reason away the review they left. Seems to me ameritas is aware they have more negative than positive reviews from current and prior employees and are doing damage control. But what they're actually doing is revealing who they are and confirming the statements made about them. There IS a lack of diversity. There IS favoritism and cliques. There ARE TeamLeaders who socialize with certain members of their own teams outside of work almost weekly. Ameritas' damage control may try to spin it, twist it and turn it or try to explain it away but truth never changes.We value tough criticism because we always want to do better. The Official Response feature is recommended by Indeed and considered industry best practice, so we respond to all comments. Research shows that most job seekers like to read full and fair employer responses. What’s more, we think dialogue is always a good way to start solving problems. Regarding diversity, you’re entitled to your opinions, but this is fact: We’re absolutely committed to our policies promoting community, a respectful workplace, equal opportunity and growing diversity. Thanks for letting us know how you feel. We’d like to help and hope you’ll reach out to HR about your role and these concerns."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"They do not care about your mental health, and you are micromanaged to the second of every day. You get 2 10 min breaks and 30 min lunch. They don't care if you are sick and get everyone else sick, they make you come in. Its impossible to get a day off and you get in trouble for just going to the bathroom if it's not on a scheduled break. It the management doesnt like you, get a new job because they will watch you like a hawk and any mistake gets you a warning.We pay close attention to employee comments, especially unfavorable ones, and after confirming some facts, use that feedback to make improvements when and where they’re needed. We’re sorry you’re so unhappy, but glad input like yours is rare, and we encourage you to reach out to your HR business partner if you’re still feeling this way. We do indeed care about your mental health and your job satisfaction. It can be demanding work at times, and not for everyone, but it also has many benefits, and we want everyone to have the best work experience possible."

Former Associate (Former Employee) says

"Lack of communication. Too many management layers. Deceitful practices. Upper management doesn't listen to associates. Very unproductive environment. Very toxic relations between associates and managers. No training program for new associates. If you like to gossip and bad mouth others, this is the place for you.BenefitsCulture"

Provider Benefit Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Call center and the entirety of Ameritas used ancient technology to house and run their main systems and services. The pay was abysmal, and it was the most repetitive job I’ve ever done 100+ calls in a day. There was no room to grow out of the call center and promotions were very very rare and far between. Dress code is strictly business casual every day even though we were not customer facingFree food occasionallyDress code, management, ancient systemsWe appreciate your taking time to share your experience but are sorry it wasn’t a more positive one. Our technology systems and processes have changed a lot lately and we’re positioned for growth. The same can be said of our compensation structure, now updated to assure alignment with our competitors. Call centers are definitely hard work, but important work too. We like to promote from within and encourage associates to share their goals with an HR business partner or recruiter. Opportunities exist and we encourage staff to find them. We also have growing programs that support professional growth. Fulfilling lives is our company mission, and that applies to our own team as much as it does to our customers."

Network Management (Former Employee) says

"Awful racist company. Management plays favorites and Directors and Managers minipulate bonus data. Management gives direction on what to do when it helps them, then later says not true. Had to keep a CYA folder for this reason. Company is not interested in diversity. Run away from this company.Noneracist company, corrupt managementIt can be difficult for someone working remotely and with limited interaction to get a clear or complete picture of the company they work for. That’s the best explanation for the opinions you share here, which are far from accurate. We’re proud of many things about our deeply rooted and growing company, including our commitment to policies promoting community, a respectful workplace, equal opportunity and growing diversity. In each of the cities we call home, a culture prioritizing fairness empowers us to hire the best candidates available. Likewise, our compensation processes, including those for bonuses, are transparent, fair and carefully validated. Whatever the causes of your unfavorable review, we hope your next position is a better fit."

Prefer not to say (Current Employee) says

"They come to you at the end of the day as your walking out the door and expect it to be delivered first thing in the morning on a consistent basis. Projects are poorly managed and when issues are brought up they're just ignored. Incompetent people to kiss up are constantly getting promoted and an honest answer gets you nowhere. I could go on but stay away if you can.Some of the coworkersAlmost everything"

Sales Associate/Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Just like any other job it starts out nice but quickly becomes more depressing the longer you stay with the company. Management does not care about their employees. If they like you, you can pretty much do whatever you'd like because you'll not be reprimanded in any way. However, if you're not a favorite than you might as well turn around now and look for another place. Get used to being in meetings if you aren't already. This company has entirely too many meetings about absolutely nothing and will follow that meeting up with additional meetings to review previous meetings (sound confusing? That's how everyone feels when we have to sit in those cold rooms and listen to rambling). Cafeteria is nice to have but it's extremely overpriced for what you get and most of the food has no flavor to it. Pretty flexible with situations that come up and nice benefits but it's really not worth staying for.Free parking, decent coworkers, flexibleTerrible management, overpriced food, poor work life"

Current Employee - PBS says

"Thanks for the review, and for your candid observations. We get a lot of compliments about our casual dress and time-off policies, plus our team lunches and other employee events, so you’re in good company there! We get fewer complaints about managers’ low engagement with their teams, but when we hear something like that we investigate. You don’t seem to be experiencing it, but we’re all about creating a caring culture and fostering employees’ strengths. Please reach out to your HR and let’s see if we can help you get more from your job."

Former Employee - Senior Loan Administrator says

"Thanks for the time you spent with Ameritas, and for taking the time to offer this review. We never like to hear that a former employee had a bad experience, and we certainly take it seriously if one feels he or she was treated badly by a coworker or manager. We investigate this kind of feedback to see if things can be improved. However, organizations evolve and needs change. In short, there are many reasons an employee might leave the company. We wish you the best of luck in your next job and hope it%E2%80%99s a great fit for you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for sharing your experience. We work hard to attract top talent and then align individual strengths with job roles. Ours is an environment that encourages better communication and individual growth as leaders and innovators. Ameritas is growing and evolving at a rapid pace. We invest in our people and implement new technologies, systems and processes that will enable success in a changing industry. We’re sorry you weren’t able to see or experience enough of those trends during your time as part of our team, but wish you the best of luck in your next job!"

Former Employee - IT Management says

"We take candid input seriously because it can help us become better, but in this case, we feel that we're not the company you describe. Ameritas is growing and evolving at a rapid pace. We continue to invest in our people and to implement new systems and processes that will position us for success in a dramatically changing industry. We appreciate the time you took to leave a review, and hope you find a position that’s a better fit."


"Management ignores the “real” problems or chooses to not address them. The moral is low due to overworked employees and no appreciation. Promotions don’t happen due to “budget” concerns but yet they give promotions to people that don’t do anything. Management needs to wake up and recognize the dedicated employees before they lose the hard workers. No wonder it’s a revolving door." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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